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Put a Spash or a Dash of Blue Into Your Kitchen

Many ingredients go into designing the perfect kitchen. One that’s often overlooked or not considered early enough in the design process is color. It’s perfectly fine to prefer a neutral kitchen, of course, but many homeowners default to everything in white, beige or gray simply because they feel overwhelmed at the number of decisions to make or the prospect of committing to anything bolder. In this first edition of a new series on kitchen color, we’ll explore the options for injecting interesting blue hues into your

Consider Cool Cabinets Blue-hued cabinets are extremely popular right now, and for good reason. Blue is beloved partly because we associate it with the sea and sky. Cool colors are also considered soothing, so using them in the home can help create a tranquil vibe.

While a bold blue on all four walls of the kitchen might be too much for most homeowners, a splash of the hue on some or all of the cabinets is a less intense way to introduce color into an otherwise neutral space.

Whether your preferred blue is a saturated version, such as the one seen in the previous photo, or a softer color, blue is a great choice in kitchens that have wood floors or countertops because it acts as a contrast to the warm orange tones of the wood, making them really stand out.

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