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Why do paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint, when Home Depot/Behr paint is

Why do paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore paint, when Home Depot/Behr paint is much cheaper? Much is to be said about having a relationship with your paint supplier. Whether its a color match or bonding fail, only a paint specialist can provide the kind of advice a store clerk is unqualified to answer. A clerk simply doesn't understand the variety of subsurface and material application that the specialty stores offer. That being said there is also a marketing emphasis on how the customer will apply the paint. A big box store advertises single coat ease, "Paint/Primer" combination, while a professional will apply two coats minimum. Two different qualities and results from the store purchase choice. Here are 12 reasons, Paint Quality Institute, recommends using an acrylic paint over vinyl, commonly used in low value paints. * Better adhesion. The superior “binder” in these paints helps them grip any surface.

  • Better hiding capability. Top quality paints can often conceal the color below in fewer coats, saving the time and money needed to apply additional coats of paint.

  • Better spatter resistance. These paints are less likely to throw off flecks of paint while you’re applying them.

  • Better flow and leveling. Top quality paints go on evenly; brush and roller marks tend to flow out and become unnoticeable.

  • Better touch-up. If you have to touch up your paint job at a later date, it won’t be noticeable when using a top quality paint.

  • Better stain resistance. These paints tend to keep dirt and grime from sinking in, making for easy cleaning.

  • Better scrub resistance. Even if you have to scrub hard to remove a stubborn stain, top quality paint is tough enough to take the scrubbing without damaging the surface of the paint.

  • Better burnish resistance. Lower quality paints get shiny when they’re scrubbed; top quality paints have less of a tendency to do so.

  • Better block resistance. Ever notice how it’s hard to open a window after it’s been painted? Top quality paints are less susceptible to sticking.

  • Better print resistance. Windowsills and other face-up surfaces can be imprinted when objects are placed on them. When painting horizontal surfaces, use of a top quality paint in an eggshell (rather than a glossier) sheen will minimize this problem.

  • Better mildew resistance. If you don’t like mildew, don’t compromise on paint quality.

  • Better fade resistance. You’ll probably sweat bullets choosing just the right paint color. Make sure your color lasts by using a fade-resistant top quality 100% acrylic latex interior paint.

  • In our experience with using low value paints, the color pigment is inconsistent and the adhesion is inferior to a quality acrylic paint. A professional painter will guide you to a specialty store, over a big box store, because the paint choice is of better quality and color duration.

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